The Gryphon Training Group was founded to bring attention to the crimes committed against the elderly, and to help identify the offenders- Con Artists, and Organized Transient Criminals, once known as "Gypsies". There are well founded opinions that gypsies and scams cost the citizens of the United States about $22 billion every year and that the criminal element of the Gypsy community are responsible for up to 75% of all confidence crime in this country, which officials believe to be nearly a staggering $17 billion every year. Police agencies should make no mistakes; this is "Non-Traditional Organized Crime".

We are dedicated to fighting these offenders and "The Silent Violence" with education, information and communication. Sharing and networking within police agencies is a vital step to arresting and prosecuting these people through the court system.

The Gryphon Training Group has contacts nationally with officers who are experts in different areas of this dreaded crime.

The founder of Gryphon Training is Detective Gary Nolte (Ret.) from the Skokie, IL Police Department, located in Chicago's North Shore suburbs. He retired from the police department in 2006, after nearly 31 years of service, the last 12 in the detective bureau. He is nationally recognized as one of the leading authorities on Transient Crimes and self-proclaimed Gypsies and has been qualified as an expert on this topic by four (4) state courts. Det. Nolte assisted police agencies in 30 states, INTERPOL, agencies in Canada and most levels of the federal government including Homeland Security. Books were published by the Illinois State Police, of which he was a chief contributor.

The Chicago Crime Commission used Det. Nolte's knowledge and experience in their publishing of: The New Faces Of Organized Crime- 1997.

He has spoken to agencies such as LAPD, NYPD, Boston PD, Phoenix PD, SFPD since 1997 and was awarded the Paul Chapman National Award in 2003 for his work in this field. In retirement he is still contacted almost daily by agencies seeking his assistance.

This group has close ties with The National Association of Bunco Investigators (NABI). Together, with NABI, we have the best training and professionals available to help educate officers as to the ways of the con artist and the transient criminal.

The Gryphon Training Group is insured and has had some of their topics POST Certified in Arizona, California and Oregon.

Gryphon Training Group is based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.